Remi Presents Talking So It vol 5

Talking So It vol 5
Do It (Machida)
19:30 - 22:00
Sawai Natsumi
Takayama Kanako
Itou Naoko
2000 yen (plus 500 yen drink)

The Talking So It event usually takes place in M7 in Koiwa, but this event took place in Do It in Machida. Machida is far from the center of Tokyo (so is Koiwa), and it took place on a weekday, so this event wasn't crowded at all. There were less than 20 people.

Usually photos and videos are allowed, but this time there was one guest who didn't allow it. It was Sawai Natsumi. Since I went to this event to watch (and take pics of) Natsumi, I was very disappointed.. (;_;)

The performers went in the following order.

  • Takayama Kanako
  • Mitsuho
  • Itou Naoko
  • Sawai Natsumi
  • Remi
Kanako sang 4 songs.

Mitsuho sang 2 songs.

Naoko sang 4 (or 5 songs).

Natsumi sang 5 songs, as follows.

  • Born Again
  • Stay With Me
  • Taisetsu no Hito
  • Can See a Small Hole
  • Touch
Although I was very disappointed at not being able to take pics, Natsumi's stage was very good. This might have been her best solo stage so far. Born Again, Stay With Me, and Touch are Natsumi's old songs. The other two are relatively new, and were written by Natsumi herself.

Remi sang 4 (or 5 songs).

photo notes

Since I went to this event after work, I only brought my D30 and small lenses (50mm F1.4 and 85mm F1.8). I took some pictures of everyone except Natsumi, a total of 177 pics. Too bad they didn't allow pics of Natsumi, I would have taken a LOT more..

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