Ichigo House photo session

Ichii Hiori
Ichigo House (Ochiai)
19:40 - 21:10
21:20 - 22:10
3500 yen first session
4000 yen second session

This was my eleventh photo session at Ichigo House that I attended.

This was my fifth photo session for taking pictures of Ichii Hiori. There were two people for the first session, and five for the second. I participated in both sessions.

In the first session, Hiori wore two outfits. The first outfit was a pink T shirt, a white jacket, and red and white checkered mini skirt.

The second outfit was a white blouse, checkered vest, and red skirt. (This was just the clothes Hiori wore to work this day.)

The dark blue paper background was used for the first session.

The second session was a dinner session instead of a photo session. A small table was set up in the middle of the room. Hiori had brought some niku jaga (meat and potatoes) that she had made the day before, and heated that. But she also brought some eggplant and green peppers that she cooked right there in the kitchen. Hiori made fried eggplant and green peppers with miso flavor. The food was very good, as Hiori liked to cook and was a good cook.

photo notes

I used my 20D, and took 261 photos with 223 of them worth keeping.

I ended up with 88 photos of the first outfit, and 135 photos of the second.

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