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  • Venus Project OP/ED/BD handshake event

    Event Venus Project OP/ED/BD handshake event
    Location Toranoana Akihabara
    Date 2015.08.21
    Time 19:00 - 19:50
    Guests Hata Sawako (»)
    Hayase Marika (轲)
    Cost CD (1300 yen) or BD (4500 yen)
    • event report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 2015.08.22
    • event report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 2015.10.31

    One of the handshake sessions for the Venus Project CDs and BD took place on Friday 8/21 at Toranoana Akihabara. To participate, one had to buy Venus Drive (the OP), Yume no Tsubasa (the ED), or the bluray disc vol 1.

    Those who bought the CD could participate in one handshake (per CD). Those who bought the BD could participate in one handshake and one clearfile session (per BD).

    The event was held on the 4th floor of Toranoana C. I arrived around 10 minutes before the event was going to start. There was a stage at the front of the room, and there were 5 rows of 8 chairs.

    There were Venus Project posters on the walls.

    When the event started, not all of the chairs were filled. There were around 30 people. But some people came later, so there were around 40 people who participated.

    The two seiyuu guests were Hata Sawako and Hayase Marika, and they came out to the stage at 19:00.

    Sawako was wearing the orange Venus Project T-shirt over a one piece (or frilly skirt). Marika was wearing the dark pink T-shirt and a white skirt.

    Sawako and Marika talked for several minutes. They mentioned the upcoming Venus Project Lives.

    Sawako said that when she was in high school, there were some classes where she didn't turn in the summer vacation homework. She said that the high school grades don't matter when taking the college entrance exams.

    Then the handshake session began, and they called people by rows. The handshake flowed from right to left. Marika was on the right and Sawako was on the left. Each handshake was around 10 seconds per person.

    The people had to leave when they ran out of tickets. Those who had the BD ticket for the clearfile had to wait until the handshake session was over.

    I think most of the people went two or three times. Some went around 10 times.

    At around 19:45, the handshake session ended, and the clearfile session began. There were around 20 people left for this.

    There was no handshake this time, and Marika and Sawako just handed out the clearfiles. This was also around 10 seconds per person.

    At 19:50, the clearfile session ended. There was a short final message by Sawako and Marika, and they left the stage.

    Sawako said that she was hungry, so she will go eat ramen with Marika.

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