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  • Shinken! x Shirobaco Cafe Shinshun Standing Live

    Event Shinken! x Shirobaco Cafe Shinshun Standing Live
    Location Shirobaco Cafe (Asagaya)
    Date 2016.01.24
    Time 20:00 - 21:30
    Guests Hata Sawako (»)
    Arai Miwa
    Moriya Haruka
    Kawabata Shiori (emcee)
    Cost 1000 yen (includes drink)
    Broadcast niconico
    • event report version 0.2 by Hitoshi Doi, 2016.02.09
    • event report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 2016.07.22

    The Shinken! x Shirobaco Cafe Shinshun Standing Live events took place on January 23 and 24, 2016. Since the tickets for these events went on sale when I was flying on an airplane (1/11), I was only able to get tickets for the 1/24 event. That ticket was also the very last one.. because someone had canceled.

    Luckily, both of these events were broadcast live on niconico, so I was able to see the first event too.
    [click here for some information and screenshots from the broadcast]

    This was an all standing event, and they cleared the tables from the cafe. People stood wherever they wanted. I was the last one in, and it was pretty crowded, but it was spread out enough that it wasn't packed like a live house event. I was near the middle, three or four rows back, but I was able to see pretty well.

    This was mostly a singing event, with songs from the game Shinken. The emcee was Kawabata Shiori, and she stood on the right side of the stage.

    The first performer was Arai Miwa. Miwa was wearing an outfit of her character, Muramasa Senko. Her stage was around 20 minutes, and she sang a few songs.

    The second performer was Moriya Haruka, and she was wearing an outfit for her character Hitofuri Ichigo. Her stage was also around 20 minutes, and she sang a few songs.

    The third performer was Hata Sawako. Sawako was wearing an outfit that looked a lot like her character, Flanberge Montauban.

    Sawako talked about her outfit, and said that she bought a size 160 (children's size) blazer and skirt, that's usually used for grade school graduation. She was also wearing a black hoodie and white blouse with a blue tie. Sawako also had over the knee socks and brown shoes. She had a clip in her hair, on the right side.

    Sawako didn't have any Shinken songs yet, so she sang two of her Venus Project songs, "Venus Drive" and "Aoi Kaze". But her third song was "Sakurazuki", which was the ending song to Shinken. Sawako sang "Sakurazuki" in a very high voice.

    After the three songs, Sawako went off stage.

    Then there was a call for an encore, and all three performers returned to the stage. They sang "Ancestral Sin" together.

    After the song, there was a little bit of talk. The three seiyuu also signed the life-sized posters of their characters that was hanging on the wall. These posters will be given away as presents later, but they will be displayed inside the cafe until then.
    [I went to the cafe the next evening to take a picture.]

    After the signing, they all gave their final messages, and this was also the end of the niconico broadcast.

    After the broadcast, there was the presents corner. They gave away some Shinken bookmarks, and two signature boards.

    After the presents corner, there was a poster handout session. These were pre-signed posters of their respective characters, but Sawako's posters had all been sold out before I was able to get inside.

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