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  • Karaoke Max 4 Yoru Kouen

    Event Karaoke Max 4 Yoru Kouen
    Location Ichikawa Bunka Kaikan Dai Hall
    Date 2017.09.23
    Time 18:00 - 20:45
    Seiyuu Koyama Tsuyoshi
    Itou Kento
    Nakajima Yoshiki
    Nakamura Shuugo
    Murase Ayumu
    Ishida Haruka
    Hata Sawako (»)
    Takahashi Minami
    Cost 9500 yen (premium ticket)
    • event report version 0.2 by Hitoshi Doi, 2017.09.25

    This was the evening session of the 4th Karaoke Max event hosted by seiyuu Koyama Tsuyoshi. This was an event where Tsuyoshi gathered various seiyuu to sing karaoke for a few hours.

    The event was scheduled to start at 18:00, and they let in at 17:30. I arrive at around 17:40, and there was still a long line outside of the hall. But it was moving pretty quickly.

    There was no problem getting in, but there was a big line for the premium goods (that came with the premium ticket). They gave a T-shirt and a poster. I just tossed the poster.

    The crowd was around three fourths women, maybe more.

    It was a very large hall with a large stage. 2000 seats on the first and second floors. I was in the 17th row on the first floor, pretty far to the right side. But the hall was very inclined, so the visibility as pretty good.

    The stage had a three seat sofa in the middle, and four chairs on each side. There was also a very large screen at the back of the stage.

    At around 18:05, there was an announcement by Shuugo. He told everyone to stand up, and the event began.

    The first set of songs were as follows. They showed the video of each performer on the screen, overlayed with the song lyrics.

    seiyuu song
    Tsuyoshi Desire
    Machico Ura Omote Lovers
    Shuugo Ready!
    Minami Touch
    Yoshiki Kanon
    Haruka Senbonzakura
    Ayumu Amagigoe
    Sawako Geki Teikoku Kagekidan
    Kento Seikima 2

    Sawako was wearing a red, short sleeve one piece with white dots. Her hair was in a pony tail. Sawako did some of the Sakura Taisen dance along with the singing.

    After singing, each seiyuu sat down. Tsuyoshi was in the middle, the girls sat on the right and the guys sat on the left.

    The next set of songs was an "idol song corner". Everyone sang idol songs.

    seiyuu song
    Shuugo Love So Sweet
    Machico Yeah Mecha Holiday
    Minami Aoi Sangoshou
    Haruka 1/2 no Shinwa
    Sawako Seikan Hikou (Lanka Lee)
    Ayumu Assymetry
    Kento Ohishi no Territory
    Yoshiki Dream Parade

    The next set of songs was a "monomane corner". Everyone just sang the first verse of the song.

    seiyuu song
    Shuugo Nihon Mukashibanashi
    Machico Nyaasu?
    Ayumu ?
    Haruka Doukoku (Kudou Shizuka)
    Yoshiki ?
    Sawako Gekkou (Onitsuka Chihiro)
    Kento Winter Fall (L'Arc en Ciel)
    Minami Drive A Live (Idolmaster Side M)

    Minami concentrated on the dance instead of the singing.

    The last set of songs was a "team song corner".

    seiyuu song
    Sawako, Haruka AM11:00 (Hy)
    Shuugo, Kento Glass no Shounen (Kinki Kids)
    Machico, Minami Connect (claris)
    Ayumu, Yoshiki Kakumei Dualism (Mizuki Nana x TM Revolution)

    The event ended at around 20:25.

    There was an encore call for a few minutes, and everyone came back to the stage wearing T-shirts. Sawako was wearing a yellow T-shirt.

    All the seiyuu had their final comments, and at the end, everyone sang the AKB48 song "Heavy Rotation".

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