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  • Dozen Garden Park

    Event Dozen Garden Park
    Location Yamaha Ginza Studio (Yamaha Ginza B2F)
    Date 2018.08.25
    Time 13:30-15:00
    Guests Hata Sawako (»)
    Takada Yuuki (ͫ)
    Takai Maika
    Nakae Mitsuki
    Tanaka Takako
    Cost 3000 yen + drink (600 yen)
    • event report version 0.3 by Hitoshi Doi, 2018.08.28

    This was the first Dozen Garden Park event, by the seiyuu of Mausu Promotion. This was a karaoke singing event.

    There were three sessions, at 13:30, 16:30, and 19:00, and each session was around 90 minutes. I went to the 13:30 and 16:30 sessions.

    13:30 session

    I was number 161 for this session. It was a very hot day, and everyone had to line up outside. They let in on time, in order of the ticket numbers. There were a lot of no shows in the 100s.

    The studio was a flat floor studio with a pretty high stage. A few meters of the right side was reserved for females.

    I got a position in the 6th row, slightly off center. It was pretty packed in the front, but not that bad in the back. I think there were around 150 to 200 people. Luckily the stage was pretty high, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to see anything.

    At around 13:20, there were announcements by Takada Yuuki.

    At 13:30 the performers came onto the stage. Sawako was wearing a one piece, and her hair was braided and had twintails in the back.

    First, they explained the meaning of the name "Dozen Garden Park". This will be an event where they will create an image of 12 gardens.

    After around 5 minutes of opening talk, the seiyuu sat down on the chairs at the back of the stage.

    Then each seiyuu sang one song. They showed video of the stage on the large screen. The screen also had the lyrics of the songs. While each seiyuu sang, the other seiyuu sat in the chairs at the back.

    The songs they sang were as follows.

    Takako Platina
    Maika Just Communication
    Sawako This Game
    Mitsuki Northern Lights
    Yuuki Otome no Policy

    After Yuuki's song, they all talked about the songs and anime.

    During Yuuki's song there was a video of Yuuki, like a promo video. She said it was raining the day they took the video. Yuuki walked around a lot, just like Usagi in the Sailor Moon ending. The video was taken in Azabu Juuban.

    In the next round, the songs were as follows.

    Sawako Nandemo Naiya
    Yuuki Hitori no Yoru
    Mitsuki Hacking to the Gate
    Maika 1/2
    Takako Kawaranai Mono

    This time, Takako's song had the special video. It was a video of Takako playing the piano.

    After some talk again, the final song was "Go!" by Yuuki and Takako.

    There was some ending comments by all the seiyuu, and the event ended at 15:00.

    16:30 session

    I had number 144 for this session, but I ended up in about the same location as the first session, in the 6th row. It feels like there aren't as many people in this session, maybe less than 150 people.

    The event started on time at 16:30. Sawako was wearing the same outfit as the first session.

    The karaoke songs for the first set were as follows.

    seiyuu song
    Mitsuki Only My Railgun
    Takako Cha La Head Cha-La
    Maika Super Driver
    Yuuki Rolling Star
    Sawako Egao no Rensa (Horie Yui)

    During Sawako's song they showed a video of Sawako. Sawako was cooking gratin in a kitchen setting. She said she did this because Horie Yui's promo video of this song was in the image of a party where Yui was making foods. Sawako also had twintails just like Yui.

    The second set of songs were as follows.

    seiyuu song
    Takako Sousei no Aquarion
    Sawako Anone Love Me Do (Tamura Yukari)
    Yuuki Sakura no Ato
    Mitsuki Oath Sign
    Maika Uragiri no Yuuyake

    This time, Maika's song had the image video. Maika said she took the video at 5 AM in Ikebukuro.

    The final song of this session was "Ikenai Borderline" by Sawako and Maika.

    Then after some final comments, the event ended at around 17:55.

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