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  • Dozen Garden Park 3

    Event Dozen Garden Park 3
    Location Yamaha Ginza Studio (Yamaha Ginza B2F)
    Date 2019.04.27
    Time 14:30-16:00
    Guests Hata Sawako (»)
    Takada Yuuki (ͫ)
    Takai Maika
    Nakae Mitsuki
    Tanaka Takako
    Sakamaki Manabu
    Cost 3000 yen + drink (600 yen)
    • event report version 0.3 by Hitoshi Doi, 2019.04.28
    • event report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 2019.08.18

    This was the third Dozen Garden Park event.

    There were two sessions, at 14:30 and 17:30, and each session was around 90 minutes. I went to both sessions.

    14:30 session

    It was cloudy, and it started raining a little bit right at 14:00. They let in on time. I was number 110, but there were only about 70 or 80 people in front of me.

    This was an all standing event. I was in the 4th row, far left. There were about 30 people scattered around in the back, which was mostly empty.

    The event started on time at 14:30. Sawako was wearing a blue and white striped one piece, and a white, long sleeve cardigan. Her hair was braided and tied in the back. She was also wearing short white socks and pink shoes.

    The setting of this event was that the five seiyuu were radio show hosts, and this was a public recording of the radio shows.

    The first radio show hosts were Mitsuki, Sawako, and Maika. The hosts sat down on chairs at the back of the stage. They started the show with two "request" songs.

    seiyuu song
    Yuuki Happy Synthesizer
    Takako Kore ha Aideshou

    The seiyuu came onto the stage to sing the songs (just the first verses). During the songs, they showed the video of the singer on the screen at the back of the stage.

    After the songs, the radio show hosts read some mails and talked. Then there was a 5 minute "traffic information" corner by Yuuki and Takako. Then there was a short corner by Manabu, where he came into the crowd and talked to the fans as a reporter.

    The second radio show hosts were Yuuki and Takako. They started the show with three songs.

    seiyuu song
    Mitsuki Geki Teikoku Kagekidan
    Maika Sobakasu
    Sawako Izayoi Namida

    After the songs, there were a few minutes of talk, and then Mitsuki, Maika, and Sawako did a "weather" corner. Then Manabu came into the crowd again as a reporter.

    After the radio show, Manabu showed off the Dozen Garden Park goods.

    At the end, there was a batsu game.

    17:30 session

    They let in at 17:05, and I was number 88. I got a 3rd row position on the left side. There were about the same number of people as the first session.

    Takako had changed clothes, but all the others wore the same outfit.

    The event flowed the same as the first session.

    The first radio show hosts were Takako, Mitsue, and Maika. The songs were as follows.

    seiyuu song
    Sawako Koi no Tenshi Maiorite
    Yuuki Samurai Heart

    The second radio show hosts were Sawako and Yuuki. The songs were as follows.

    seiyuu song
    Mitsuki Yuzurenai Negai
    Maika Tenshi no Enogu
    Takako Crow Song

    After the radio show, there was a commercial corner by Manabu and Sawako for the various goods that they were selling.

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