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  • Hata Sawako Birthday Live

    Event Hata Sawako Birthday Live
    Sweet Madeleine and Bitter Financier
    Location Sengawa Fix Hall
    Date 2019.10.26
    Time 13:30 - 15:00
    Seiyuu Hata Sawako (»)
    Cost 8500 yen with T-shirt
    • event report version 0.2 by Hitoshi Doi, 2019.10.29
    • event report version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 2020.05.08

    This was a solo event by Hata Sawako for her birthday (which was last month).

    All seats were reserved seats. I had seat number 46. The chairs were labeled, and my seat was in the 4th row, very right. The hall was very wide at the front, and narrow at the back. There were also seats on the second floor. Probably over 100 people.

    The stage was pretty wide and around 75cm high. There were Happy Birthday balloons taped to the front of the stage, and there was a large screen on the right side.

    At 13:31 there was an audio message by Sawako.

    The event started at 13:33. Sawako was wearing a light blue frilly party dress, and there was a ribbon in her hair.

    Sawako sang 2 songs, "Mou Ichido Luminous" and "Evolve". The lyrics were projected on the screen during the song.

    After the songs, Sawako talked a little bit.

    Next Sawako sang two more songs, "Aozora Symphony" and "Watashi ga Obasan ni Nattemo".

    In the next corner, they showed some photos on the screen and Sawako talked about this one year. Then there was a maru batsu quiz (9 questions) for presents.

    Next they played a video of Sawako walking around in Enoshima. Sawako went off stage to change clothes.

    Sawako returned wearing a light orange party dress, with a flower design. Her hair was in a ponytail, and there was a ribbon in her hair.

    Sawako sang two songs, "Dare no Koto wo Ichiban Aishiteru" and "Melody".

    Then after a short talk, Sawako sang her three original songs. These were the songs that Sawako released today on her music cards, "Boku dake no Generality", "Koi no Tsuisekisha", and "Issho Full Power".

    After the songs, Sawako said good bye and went off the stage.

    Sawako came back for the encore wearing a pink T-shirt over her orange outfit. Sawako sang "Very Beauty", and then the event ended.

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