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  • Card Gamer Vol.46 Bromide Owatashikai

    Event Card Gamer Vol.46 Bromide Owatashikai
    Location Bellesalle Akihabara
    Date 2019.06.02
    Time 16:00 - 17:00
    Guests Ozaki Yuka (ͳ)
    Cost 900 yen
    • Event report version 0.3 by Hitoshi Doi, 2019.06.02

    On June 2, 2019 there was an event by Ozaki Yuka for the magazine Card Gamer Vol.46. This event took place inside the Hobby Japan 50th Anniversary Matsuri event.

    I went to the Hobby Japan event to just look around and take pictures. But I discovered that there were still tickets left for this event at 15:30! So I bought the magazine and lined up for the event at around 15:40. There were around 80 people lined up when it started. I think they allowed people to buy the magazine while the event was going on.

    At around 16:00, Yuka came to the line to say hi. Yuka was wearing a long sleeve yellow and blue frilly one piece. Her hair was up.

    The event itself was held in the Card Game Karuta booth. Yuka handed out a small photo to everyone, while talking for around 30 seconds per person.

    The event ended at 17:00.

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