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  • Idol Style - 2002.05.03

    Event Idol Style
    Location Take Off 7 (Shibuya)
    Date 2002.05.03
    Time 19:00 - 21:00
    Guests LaLaLu ( Chori Wonton )
    Cutie Pai
    Morita Yuki
    Watanabe Sakiko
    Kuno Sayaka
    Miracle Twin Star
    Cost 3000 yen (in advance)
    • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2002.05.08

    Both the Idol Style Days and Idol Style events took place on the same day. For the night event, the performers went in the following order.
    • Cutie Pai
    • LaLaLu (Chori Wonton)
    • Watanabe Sakiko
    • Morita Yuki
    • Kuno Sayaka
    • Miracle Twin Star

    It was surprising that Cutie Pai and LaLaLu went first. I wish I could have left after the LaLaLu stage. But they said that they would sell some LaLaLu photos after the event, so I had to stay until the end. It turned out that they didn't have enough photos, so the pics of Noa and Sara had sold out before I could buy them. (;_;)

    Cutie Pai's stage flowed as follows.

    • Hello Cutie Pai
    • Tamaniha Konna Koino Hajimari
    • [talk by Momose]
    • Reflection Love
    • Yell
    Cutie Pai had a new outfit, in the style of a sailor fuku. VERY cute! One of the best Cutie Pai outfits so far. This was the first Cutie Pai stage that I watched since Miyuu (Nagai Kasumi) left.

    The new girl Momose (Momose Machiko) was in the center position, with Makky on the right and Mayu-chan on the left. Makky was orange, Mayu-chan was red, and Momose was blue. As was the case before, Makky and Mayu-chan did most of the singing. But unlike Miyuu, Momose can't dance.

    The LaLaLu members for this event were Sakurai Sara and Miyanishi Noa (Chori Wonton). They wore their Chori Wonton outfits, polo shirts (with the hiragana "chori" and "wantan" sewn on the back) and red training pants. Noa's shirt is white and Sara's shirt is black. The Chori Wonton stage flowed as follows.

    • Chori Wonton's Theme
    • LaLaLu Special Medley (Chori Won version)
      • Real Power
      • Romatic wo Hajimemasho
      • Session Impossible
      • You & I
    • [announcements, with Chocolate Kiss BGM]
    • Chori Wonton's Theme
    For the LaLaLu songs, they had changed the lyrics and put "Chori Wonton" all over the place. (^_^; During the medley, Sara and Noa did some tricks. Sara made a balloon dog. Noa did a water magic (pouring water into a newspaper).

    Also the entire Chori Wonton stage was lip synched, as Chori Wonton is a group that doesn't talk (they only act). There were background vocals and talking the the other LaLaLu girls too.

    In my opinion, this was the best LaLaLu stage so far.

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