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  • Idol Style 6

    Event Idol Style
    Location Take Off 7 (Shibuya)
    Date 2002.07.03
    Time 19:00 - 21:00
    Guests LaLaLu
    Cutie Pai
    Amano Megumi
    Tanaka Hiromi
    Miracle Twin Star
    Cost 3000 yen
    • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2002.07.04

    The performers for the Idol Style event on July 3, 2002 were as follows.
    • Passhu
    • Miracle Twin Star
    • Cutie Pai
    • Tanaka Hiromi
    • Amano Megumi
    • LaLaLu
    The stage lasted until 21:30 or so, and then all of the groups sold things after the event. This lasted until a little after 22:00.

    Cutie Pai wore their previous retro style oufits. Makky (right) was orange, Mayu (left) was red, and Momose (center) was yellow.

    Cutie Pai's stage flowed as follows.

    • Hello Cutie Pai
    • Koi no Kisetsu to Kimi to Boku
    • Tamaniha Konna Koino Hajimari
    • [talk by Momose]
    • Reflection Love
    • Yell
    It seems the "new" Cutie Pai is doing the same stage all the time. They still aren't up to the level they were with the old Cutie Pai.

    Amano Megumi wore a yukata and sang four songs (including Parapara Satsujin Jiken which she sang twice). She tried to sing the Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker song, but she forgot the lyrics.

    LaLaLu was the last performer, and they wore their red outfits. Some of the girls had changed their hair styles from the previous event.

    LaLaLu's stage flowed as follows.

    • Me ha Allergy
    • Session Impossible
    • Real Power
    • You & I
    After the stage, all eight LaLaLu girls came out in their outfits and sold their second CD "Laughs". They gave away one LaLaLu card of choice (one of the group shots) to those who bought a CD. There were only 40 CDs, and they sold out. Luckily, Itsuki was number 39 and I was number 40. (^_^;

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