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  • Idol Style 11

    Event Idol Style
    Location Take Off 7 (Shibuya)
    Date 2002.12.04
    Time 19:00 - 21:30
    Cost 3000 yen
    Guests LaLaLu
    Kubo Asaka
    Tanaka Hiromi
    Miracle Twin Star
    Hoshino Minami
    • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2002.12.06

    The monthly Idol Style event for December 2002 took place on 12/4. This was the second to last Idol Style event. The final Idol Style event (a two parter) is scheduled for February 11, 2003 (tickets go on sale 1/11).

    The performers went in the following order.
    • Passhu
    • Hoshino Minami
    • Miracle Twin Star
    • Tanaka Hiromi
    • Kubo Asaka
    • LaLaLu

    Hoshino Minami sang two Tokunaga Ai songs.

    Kubo Asaka was wearing a santa outfit (very short one piece type). VERY cute! She sang two songs by herself, and one song with Passhu. The two Passhu girls also wore the same santa outfit for that song.

    LaLaLu was the last performer, and this was like a "preview" stage for their Christmas Live (takes place the following Sunday). All eight LaLaLu members appeared, and their stage flowed as follows.

    • short skit by Mayo and Sara
    • Kami-sama ni Ichiban Chikaihi (everyone)
    • Session Impossible (Sara, Fuuko, Noa, Mayo)
    • Romantic wo Hajimemasho (Sayaka, Mae, Asuka, Ikue, Mayo)
    • Clap & Jump (Sayaka, Mae, Asuka, Ikue, Mayo)
    • Chori Wonton no Theme (Chori Wonton)
    • ? (Fuuko)

    The LaLaLu stage began with a short talk/skit by the two comedians Mayo and Sara, who were wearing glasses and a stuffed soft cream hat (also can be called a turd hat). Sara said that she didn't want to do this skit. (^_^;

    Then they left the stage, and all eight members came back onto the stage. Everyone was wearing the white outfits, and they sang Kami-sama ni Ichiban Chikaihi.

    After this song there was a short self-introductions, and some of the girls left the stage. They said they would sing in groups. Sara, Fuuko, Noa, and Mayo stayed on the stage to sing Session Impossible. Noa and Fuuko were in the center with stand mikes, and Mayo and Sara were on the outside with hand mikes. Noa and Fuuko did the original dance (from last Christmas), and Mayo and Sara did the current dance. Mayo said that she didn't want to do the original dance, as it was to cute.

    Then Mayo stayed on the stage as the other girls left and the remaining girls came onto the stage. The five (Sayaka, Mae, Asuka, Ikue, and Mayo) sang two songs, Romantic wo Hajimemasho and Clap & Jump. After this song, they said that it was the end of the "LaLaLu" stage and everyone left.

    Then Noa and Sara came onto the stage in their Chori Wonton outfits (polo shirts and long, red training pants), and "sang" the Chori Wonton theme song. (Chori Wonton doesn't sing, they lipsynch.)

    The last performance was by Fuuko, who was wearing a black sexy outfit.

    This was an outstanding stage by LaLaLu, as this wasn't just one of those stages where they just sing their songs. It was like a mini Christmas event in itself. After seeing this, I'm sure the real Christams Live is going to be really great.

    After the LaLaLu stage, all of the girls came out (in their white outfits), to sell some photos again (400 yen each). They sold the goods until 22:00.

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