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  • Sakurai Tomo Okaeri Tadaima Live

    Event Sakurai Tomo Okaeri Tadaima Live
    Location Shinjuku Ruido K4
    Date 2019.11.16
    Time 13:00-14:50
    Seiyuu Sakurai Tomo ()
    Cost 4500 yen + drink (500 yen)

    • event report version 0.2 by Hitoshi Doi, 2019.11.21
    • event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2020.02.22

    This was Sakurai Tomo's first solo live in a long time. There were two sessions, at 13:00 and 18:00. I went to both sessions, with a few American friends.

    They started selling goods at 12:00. There was one CD (1500 yen) and three sets of photos (1000 yen per set). They also took reservations for the DVD of this live (5000 yen). Those who bought anything got a ticket to the handshake session (multiple tickets ok). These tickets can be used in either session.

    For the first session, they let in at 12:30 by numbers. I was 49.

    There were only four rows of seats, and the 4th row was mostly reserved for special guests.

    I was in the first standing row, right behind the 4th row seats. It was pretty packed, probably a little over 100 people.

    Tomo's mother and family were sitting in front of us. So was Yokoyama Chisa (and her daughter).

    The event started at 13:00. Tomo was wearing a colorful flare skirt (very short) and colorful flower design, sleeveless top. Her hair was tied up.

    Tomo sang three songs in a row. (song list at the end) Then there was a little bit of talk, and Tomo sang three more songs.

    There was a short talk corner again, and Tomo sang one more song. Then she went off stage to change. Two musicians came onto the stage.

    At around 13:50, Tomo came back wearing a very long white dress. She sang two more songs.

    After the songs, there was a talk corner with the musicians. Tomo sang some songs acapella.

    At 14:18, the band went off stage, and Tomo sang three more songs.

    After the songs, Tomo had some announcements. She will have events in Hong Kong on 2/1 and 2/2. She will also have a talk event around 2/22, where she'll talk about this live and the Hong Kong events. They will make a DVD of this event.

    At 14:36, Tomo sang the final two songs of the event.

    After Tomo went off stage, there was a call for an encore, and Tomo came back (14:45) after changing clothes again. She was wearing a short white skirt. Tomo sang one more song, and the event ended at 14:50.

    The handshake session took place right after a few minutes. Tomo put on a shawl over her encore outfit. Each person had around 15 seconds per ticket (one ticket at a time).

    For the second session, they started letting in at 17:30. I was number 82 for the second session, and got a position along the left wall.

    The event flowed the same as the first session. Some of the talk bits were a little different, but it was mostly the same. There were two songs that were different from the first session.

    song lists

    The songs were as follows.

    1. [1] Mata Aetane
    2. [1] GT Natsu Shounen
    3. [1] Koi no Recipe ha Daitan Futeki
    4. [2] Koi Mitai na Kanji
    5. [2] Destiny
    6. [2] My Friends
    7. [3] Anata he no Love Song
    8. [4] Ai Oboeteimasuka
    9. [4] Wasurekaketa Serenade
    10. [5] Tasogare Lonely
    11. [5] Baby Baby
    12. [5] Waracchaukedo Suki
    13. [6] Hitasura Maemukini
    14. [6] Heart ni Message
    15. [encore] Koi no Recipe ha Daitan Futeki
    The songs for the second session were the same except for the last two songs.

    The 14th song was "Taiyou wo Agetai", and the encore was "Waracchaukedo Suki".

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