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  • Sakurai Tomo Mata Aetane Talk Live

    Event Sakurai Tomo Mata Aetane Talk Live
    Location Asagaya Loft A
    Date 2020.02.22
    Time 13:00-15:00
    Seiyuu Sakurai Tomo ()
    Cost 5000 yen + food/drink (at least 500 yen)
    • event report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 2020.02.23

    This was a talk event by Sakurai Tomo where she talked about her Okaeri Tadaima Live and her recent trip to Hong Kong. There were two sessions 13:00 and 18:00, but I only went to the first one.

    It was a pretty warm day for February, and the pollen was flying around. They let in at 12:30 by numbers. I was number 38.

    There were around 50 seats in the middle (6 per row) with small tables. There were also some seats along the wall. When I got in most of the first 5 rows were already taken. I sat along the right wall, distance being around 4 rows back, good visibility.

    Everyone was given a numbered tag to order food and drinks. Everyone had to order at least 500 yen.

    There was a special drink called "ichigo no boy" for 500 yen (600 yen for alcohol version). It was a sweet ichigo milk, that i like VERY VERY much. Those who bought at least two things got a raffle ticket for presents. I bought 2 ichigo no boy drinks.

    They were selling goods in the lobby. The new goods that they had were the Hong Kong DVD (3500 yen) and two sets of photos (1000 yen per set).

    The event started at 13:00. Tomo came out by herself and sat down at the table on the stage. The stage was pretty small but was dug out so people can sit comfortably. Tomo was wearing a light blue (or white) one piece, with tall white boots.

    Tomo also had an ichigo no boy drink, and she did a kanpai to start.

    Tomo had a PC on the table, and she used that to show videos and pictures on the large screen behind the stage.

    The first 30 minutes or so was talk about the Okaeri Tadaima live. She just let the DVD video run, and talked about each song. At 13:40 she stopped and said she will continue with the rest of the songs in the evening session.

    The next 15 minutes was like a break, where Tomo took some questions from the crowd and talked.

    At 13:55 the second part began. Tomo showed a lot of photos from her Hong Kong trip, and talked about the trip. There were many, many photos of food.

    At the end, Tomo showed a little bit of videos (probably from the Hong Kong DVD).

    At 14:30, Tomo went to the presents corner. Tomo bought three tote bags in Hong Kong, and gave those away to the winners of her janken tournament. It was a janken where you had to tie with Tomo.

    There were also two other presents (by drawing numbers).

    At 14:40, Tomo went to the song corner. She sang "Koi no Recipe ha Daitan Futeki" and "Waracchau Kedo Suki". The last song was "Hitasura Maemukini". During this song, Tomo went around the entire crowd carrying a little basket, and passed out little chocolates. But she ran out of time, so she also sang "Ichigo no Boy" (acapella).

    The event ended at around 15:00.

    After the event there was a cheki photo session for those who bought cheki tickets (2000 yen eacn).

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