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    On a night which was filled with strange shooting stars, Misumi Nagisa gets hit in the head by one of the "stars". The star turns out to be a living cellular phone and some cards. The same night, Yukishiro Honoka is called out to her family's storeroom where she finds a glowing package containing similar objects. The two of them are told by the talking cellular phones to go to a certain location. There Nagisa and Honoka meet and realize that they have to fight and defeat an alien race.

    It looks like the magical power results in the girls just instinctively knowing what to do. It confuses even them, as they suddenly know moves and magical catch-phrases that they don't understand, but just know how to execute.

    Unlike most anime shows, the girls transform into Gothic Lolita fashion which is pretty cool, and they like to fight with their bare hands. Most shows would rather use swords or wands or just chanting spells, but this show features the exaggerated combat more often seen in fight-of-the-week anime.

    In the end, however, they do use some magic spell as required in all mahou shoujo anime, and the monsters blow up into goofy starfish looking things.

    The first two series, Futari ha PreCure and Max Heart, have Nagisa and Honoka as the main characters.

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