Nurse Angel Ririka SOS

This document is the on-line Nurse Angel Ririka SOS (ナースエンジェルりりかSOS) encyclopedia.

Nurse Angel Ririka SOS is a magical girl TV show that started in the summer of 1995.

Moriya Ririka was a slightly clumsy, but cheerful, 4th grader. Uzaki Seiya who was the same age, lived next to Ririka and liked her. But Ririka didn't notice him. One day a 6th grade transfer student, Kanou Nozomu, came to Ririka's school. Then Ririka fell in love with Kanou.

On Ririka's 10th birthday, Kanou gave her a present. Ririka was happy, but that present was a nurse's cap that allowed Ririka to transform int the nurse angel.

Kanou was actually an alien who had come from Queen Earth. He was looking for the flower of life (which was need to create the green vaccine) that was supposed to be somewhere on Earth, as he needed it to protect his home planet from the evil Dark Joker.

At first Ririka was reluctant and she had trouble fighting as the nurse angel. But she began to realize that everyone's lives depended on her, and she tried very hard at being the legenary nurse angel.

Nurse Angel Ririka SOS is based on the manga of the same name that runs in the monthly magazine Ribbon.

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