Sotsugyou 10th Perfect Collection

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A set of trading cards for the Sotsugyou series, called the Sotsugyou 10th Perfect Collection, came out in the summer of 1998. This set has 139 cards (135 normal and 4 specials), and covers all of the Sotsugyou series: Sotsugyou, Sotsugyou II, Sotsugyou III, Sotsugyou Crossworld, and Sotsugyou Vacation.

The breakdown of the set is as follows.

puzzle cards 18
Sotsugyou 36
Sotsugyou II 36
Sotsugyou III 7
Crossworld 18
Vacation 18
list cards 2
special cards 4

Each pack of cards contains 10 cards, and lists for 360 yen.
One box of cards has 15 packs, and costs 5400 yen.

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