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  • Tomoyo no Card Captor Sakura Katuyaku Video Nikki!

    Tomoyo no Card Captor Sakura Katuyaku Video Nikki!
    知世のカードキャプターさくら 活躍ビデオ日記!

    not for sale
    released 2000.02.03
    running time 5:50

    This video is the "present" that one gets for buying all of the first season Card Captor Sakura TV series LDs (or videos). The total time is only 5 minutes 50 seconds. The only voices are Sakura (Tange Sakura), Tomoyo (Iwao Junko), and Kero-chan (Hisakawa Aya).

    The story is..

    Tomoyo was taking videos of Kero-chan. Sakura was wondering what was going on. Then Tomoyo sat Sakura down and made her up. She said that the video that she was taking had something to do with a "Sakura-chan Memorial".

    Sakura went around all over posing for Tomoyo's video. (The scenes and poses were the ones from the Card Captor Sakura first TV opening.) Sakura kept asking Tomoyo what this was about. Tomoyo said, "It's a surprise. You'll see when it's finished."

    Sakura went to a recording studio to sing. Tomoyo played the music to "Catch You Catch Me", and Sakura tried to sing. But Sakura messed up by singing too early. Then Sakura stopped singing, but couldn't start on time when she was really supposed to sing.

    Later Sakura, Kero-chan, and Tomoyo watched the video that Tomoyo had edited.

    Sakura: Is that the Sakura Memorial?
    Tomoyo: No.
    Then Tomoyo brought out a box with 35 videos in it.
    Tomoyo: These 35 videos are the Sakura-chan Memorial.
    Sakura: Then what was that?
    Tomoyo: The opening for the TV series when it gets broadcast.

    Then Sakura got very embarrassed, saying she won't be able to go out in public any more if they air the videos.

    At the end, they showed the OP animation, with the song sung by Sakura (Tange Sakura).

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