Venus Project Character Song CD Battle 06

Venus Project Character Song CD Battle 06
Nureha Miu

released 2015.10.01
1200 yen+tax

This CD contains character songs for the TV anime Venus Project -Climax- and Venus Project games.

The tracks are as follows.
  1. Journey for Life
  2. Shootin' Star [Mureha Miu ver]
  3. Journey for Life (karaoke ver)
  4. Shootin' Star (karaoke ver)
Songs by Nureha Miu, voiced by Hayase Marika (轲).

There were six CDs in the first set of Venus Project character song CD battle series.

vpchara1-00.jpg vpchara2-00.jpg vpchara3-00.jpg
vpchara4-00.jpg vpchara5-00.jpg vpchara6-00.jpg

These CDs went on sale at the Venus Project Premium Live on 2015.09.23.

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