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  • Radio ROM

    The Radio ROM CDs are a series of monthly CD-ROMs done in the style of a radio show. This CD-ROM comes with the audio data on audio tracks that can be played on a normal CD player. The image files are all in JPEG format, so you can veiw them on just about any computer. There is also a Win95 application that plays the audio and displays the images in sync, so it looks like you are watching the radio show.

    The Radio ROM titles and their seiyuu are as follows.

    title seiyuu
    Morning Yoshida Konami
    Brunch Toyoshima Machiko
    Lunch Nagasawa Miki, Natsuki Rio
    Tea time Koorogi Satomi, Minami Omi
    Night Kanai Mika, Yuuki Hiro
    Midnight Hiramatsu Akiko

    There were even some seiyuu guests on some of the CDs.

    The packaging of the CD-ROM is a cardboard outer case (sleeve), and a thick cardboard inner case (to hold the CD). There is also a small photo card inside, with a message by the seiyuu.

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