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  • Love Live SIF Challenge Festival

    The fourth type of event in the smartphone game School Idol Festival began in March 2015, called "Challenge Festival".

    This event is very similar to the Medley Festival event, in that one game (medley) is multi-song (between one and five songs). But unlike the Medley Festival, you can choose to give up and quit the medley after each song. You can change your team for each song. You can also jump to the other menus in the game, and do team and character maintenance. When you return to the medley, you will be where you left off.

    As with the Medley Festival, there are options you can buy to add more points, or assist your game. But this is per song, not the entire medley, so the Challenge Festival will cost more money (gold) than the Medley Festival.

    To start one medley, you choose the difficulty level. The system will choose the song, and you can decide whether to play or quit. If you play the song and die in the middle, you will lose most of the points and all of the prizes that you have accumulated during the medley. If you complete the song, they will display the prizes (gold, silver, or bronze) that you can get. The songs get more difficult as you continue the medley, but the points also goes up, so you get more event points for the longer medleys.

    The combos and life points reset at each song, so it's more like playing multiple individual songs than one long medley.

    Currently I play the expert medley, and usually play 2 or 3 songs. The first two songs are pretty easy EX songs. The 3rd song is sometimes hard, sometime doable. The 4th song is usually a very hard EX or a random EX. Sometimes I can do the 4th song, if I use my recovery team. The 5th song is impossible for me, even with my full recovery team.

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