Goddess Family Club

The Goddess Family Club is made up of Inoue Kikuko (׻), Touma Yumi (ͳ), and Hisakawa Aya (). They are the three main voice actresses in the anime Aa Megami-sama.

Kikuko does the role of Belldandy, Yumi does the role of Urd, and Aya does the role of Skuld.

The Goddess Family Club has released the following albums.

As part of Aa Megami-sama, they have songs on the following albums. The Goddess Family Club (or the individual members) also sing on the following CD Singles. There is also a tape of some conversation by the Goddess Family Club, which was given away in the September 1993 issue of AnimeV.

The Goddess Family Club is also on the cover of the Voice Animage vol 2 magazine.

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