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Hisakawa Aya events (1996)

Some of the events that Aya has appeared in during the year 1996 are as follows.

1996.01.20Aozora Shoujotai 2nd Series in Nagoya
1996.01.21Aozora Shoujotai 2nd Series in Osaka
1996.01.28Aozora Shoujotai 2nd Series in Tokyo
1996.03.16"for you for me" album event
1996.03.30Voogie's Angel event in Kyoto
1996.03.31Harumi Final Live
1996.04.21GAT event in Osaka
1996.04.28Idol Project event in Soft Garage Gotanda
1996.05.12Aozora Shoujotai event
1996.05.19Aozora Shoujotai event in Gifu
1996.06.22Shiny Night public recording
1996.07.21Voogie's Angel in Osaka
1996.08.22Tokyo Game Show '96
1996.08.24Tokyo Game Show '96
1996.08.31Voogie's Angel in Tokyo
1996.09.08Hisakawa Aya signing session
1996.10.12Marriage event at Yamagiwa Soft
1996.11.16Marching Aya Undoukai event
1996.11.17Vivace signing session Ochanomizu
1996.11.17Vivace signing session Shibuya
1996.11.23Hisakawa Aya talk/live in Rika Daigaku
1996.11.24Hisakawa Aya signing session at Animate Kyoto
1996.11.24Hisakawa Aya signing session in Osaka
1996.12.01Hisakawa Aya signing session in Fukuoka