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Hisakawa Aya events (1998)

Some of the events that Aya has appeared in during the year 1998 are as follows.

1998.03.15Hisakawa Aya concert tour in Osaka
1998.03.29Hisakawa Aya concert tour in Akasaka Blitz
1998.04.04Geo Breeders event in Tokyo
1998.04.11Geo Breeders event in Osaka
1998.04.12Geo Breeders event in Nagoya
1998.07.01Shibuya de Chu recording
1998.07.19Pioneer LDC Matsuri Summer in Osaka
1998.08.02Hisakawa Aya live in Akasaka Blitz
1998.08.22Shiny Night public recording
1998.10.04Anime Complex event
1998.12.06Cyber Formula event
1998.12.23Aoni Museum Xmas Show