8 Beat Story News 72

title 8 Beat Story News 72
date/time 2021.06.20
broadcast niconico
archive members only
seiyuu Nomura Maiko (¼)
Morishita Rana ()

This was the 72nd broadcast of 8 Beat Story News. The hosts were Nomura Maiko and Morishita Rana.

They read lots of mails about the rainy season. Maiko said she always loses her umbrella, so she doesn't use expensive ones.

Maiko and Rana said they used to go eat together a lot. They usually went to a Chinese restaurant, and Maiko orders shrimp fried rice most of the time.

Then they played a guesture game. The seiyuu acted out some topic, and the viewers had to write the answer. The free broadcast ended after the guesture game.

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