Seiyuu Hata Sawako to Oshaberi Shimasenka? 2

title Seiyuu Hata Sawako to Oshaberi Shimasenka? 2
date/time 2020.06.29 20:00-20:30
broadcast line live
seiyuu Hata Sawako (»)

This was the second free live broadcast by Hata Sawako on her "official" line live account.

The sound in this broadcast was better than the previous broadcasts.

Sawako was thinking about doing something, but she couldn't think of anything so she just did free talk for 30 minutes.

Sawako was thinking about making a video blog, but the editing was very hard. She worked overnight but she was only 70% done. She wants to finish soon but she doesn't know if she can.

Sawako said she would like to try a drinking or eating broadcast where everyone drinks and eats the same thing. Recently she likes Coco Ichiban curry rice. She eats "ebi nikomi" (shrimp) curry with extra topping of eggs.

When asked if she likes to drink (alcohol), Sawako answered "yes".

Sawako continued reading comments and answering questions for 30 minutes.

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