Seiyuu Hata Sawako to Oshaberi Shimasenka? 3

title Gekikara Curry Tabemasenka?
date/time 2020.07.18 13:00-13:30
broadcast line live
seiyuu Hata Sawako (»)

This was the third free live broadcast by Hata Sawako on her "official" line live account.

In this broadcast Sawako ate some very hot curry rice.

At the beginning of the broadcast, the wall paper behind her fell off a little. Also the sound wasn't working too well.

Sawako got a curry from the store Coco Ichiban. She wanted to try the level 10 hot curry, but they said not to try it unless you've eaten the level 5 curry. So Sawako bought both the level 5 and level 10 curry. She got the "ebi nikomi" (shrimp) curry with scrambled egg topping.

Sawako said she was wearing a black T-shirt because she was going to eat curry.

When Sawako took the first bite, she said it was very hot. But she feels like she can eat it, and ate more of it. Sawako's face started getting red, and she drank a lot of water.

Sawako said she feels more "pain" than "hot". She also said she can't taste the curry that much. Sawako likes the level 2 curry, and will eat that from now on.

Then Sawako ate and read comments and talked.

Sawako said her room was small and it was full of stuff. She is periodically throwing things away, but it always seems full.

Sawako said she will eat the level 10 curry in the members only broadcast.

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