Seiyuu Hata Sawako to Oshaberi Shimasenka? 4

title Seiyuu Hata Sawako to Oshaberi Shimasenka? 4
date/time 2020.07.31 20:00-20:30
broadcast line live
seiyuu Hata Sawako (»)

This was the 4th free live broadcast by Hata Sawako on her "official" line live account.

The video was mirrored (left and right switched), so it seemed "wrong".

Sawako said she taped the paper to the wall very strongly. A part of it fell down during the previous broadcast.

Sawako just read comments and talked for 30 minutes.

Sawako talked a little about the presents and letters people give her at events. She said sometimes her manager rearranges everything neatly, so the present and letter gets separated. So she asked people to put the letter inside the present if possible.

Sawako said she was growing some "shiso" herbs in her house. Then just when she was going to eat it, the leaves disappeared. She said the bugs ate them all, so she couldn't eat any herself.

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