Seiyuu Hata Sawako to Oshaberi Shimasenka? 13

title Seiyuu Hata Sawako to Oshaberi Shimasenka? 13
date/time 2021.04.25 14:00-
broadcast line live
seiyuu Hata Sawako (»)

This was the 13th free live broadcast by Hata Sawako on her "official" line live account.

Sawako spent some time adjusting the video and sound, as it wasn't in sync and there was a big delay.

Sawako talked about not being able to do in person events now. She hasn't done one in around one year. She said they have gotten used to doing broadcast events, but the sponsors are hurting because they can't sell as many goods.

Sawako also mentioned the inconvenience caused by the current emergency situation in Tokyo. Sometimes she works late for a radio recording, but she can't eat on the way home because everything is closed.

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