Seiyuu Hata Sawako to Oshaberi Shimasenka? 14

title Seiyuu Hata Sawako to Oshaberi Shimasenka? 14
date/time 2021.05.30 14:00-
broadcast line live
seiyuu Hata Sawako (»)

This was the 14th free live broadcast by Hata Sawako on her "official" line live account.

Sawako had some PC problems, so the broadcast started late. She spent the first 6 or 7 minutes getting ready.

Sawako said it's been around one year doing this broadcast on Line Live.

Sawako talked about not being able to do events now. Then she talked about getting the vaccine shots, and hoping she can do events later.

Next Sawako talked about donating blood, saying she will have to give blood before getting the vaccine. She said that they don't allow blood donations for a while after getting the shots. Sawako said she does the platelet donation, where they take the blood, extract the paltelets, and return the blood.

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