Kayatan no Aquarium 21

title Kayatan no Aquarium 21
date/time 2021.06.15
broadcast niconico
cost free and members only
host Okuno Kaya ()

This was the 21st broadcast of Okuno Kaya's solo live program. The first 30 minutes was free, and the rest was for members only.

Kaya was back in her normal studio.

Kaya said she orders Uber Eats a lot recently. But she only orders once a day, because there is a lot of food and she can't eat it all at once.

Kaya did the "what is Kaya trying to express?" corner, where Kaya had to act, and the viewers had to guess what Kaya was acting out. Kaya got 4 points (correct answers) this time, so she now had 11 points.

The first event for this show "Kayatan Ueshama Futari no Aquarium" will be on 7/18, and the guest will be Ueda Reina. Then Kaya talked about the goods that will go on sale.