Voicelugger Trading Cards

There are 135 cards in the set of Voicelugger trading cards. One pack costs 380 yen, and contains 10 cards. One box contains 16 packs. [bottom]

The cards are divided up into the following sets.

Voicelugger cards 1 - 45
Character cards 46 - 63
Story cards 64 - 99
Opening cards 100 - 108
Ending cards 109 - 117
Guest cards 118 - 135

The Voicelugger cards has 9 cards of each of the main characters, Akiko (Ruby), Haruka (Rose), Tomokazu (Emerald), Takeshi (Sapphire), and Voicelugger Gold.

The Story cards has 3 cards from each of the 12 episodes.

The backs of some cards have seiyuu (or actor) information. Some others have "making of" scenes, or scenes from the TV show.


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(c) 石森プロ・ソルト/ボイスラッガー製作委員会
(c) Ishimori Pro, Solt, Voicelugger Seisaku Iinkai