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Uchida Aya books and magazines

Some of the books and magazines that Aya has appeared in are as follows.

2013.07.30Dengeki G's Magazine September 2013Love Live event report, COLOR {2 P}
2013.07.30Love Live School Idol Festival Official Guidebookinterview, COLOR {2 P}
2013.09.30Dengeki G's Magazine November 2013Love Live BD article, COLOR {1 P}
2013.12.14EX Taishuu 2014 Januaryseiyuu article, COLOR {4 P}
2014.04.30Dengeki G's Magazine June 2014Love Live article, COLOR {8 P}
2015.06.??Uchida Aya 1st Photo Book Patinaphoto collection, COLOR
2015.07.02Shounen Champion 2015 No. 31JitsuWata photo article, COLOR {4 P, cover}
2017.01.??Anonephoto collection, COLOR
2018.03.??Pretty & Loud Yearsphoto collection, COLOR