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  • Sailor Moon Character guide

    The major characters in Sailor Moon are as follows.

    Some notes.

    • There are spoilers contained in these pages. Don't read the individual character pages if you don't want to be spoiled.
    • In some of the pages, there are some comments about the characters' ages. These were true in Sailor Moon, and may not be true in Sailor Moon R, S, Supers, and Sailor Stars.

    Sailor Senshi

    Friends of the Senshi

    Silver Milenium

    Crystal Tokyo

    Dark Kingdom

    Aliens (Sailor Moon R TV series)

    Aliens (Sailor Moon R movie)

    Black Moon

    Death Busters

    miscellaneous (Sailor Moon S movie)

    Aliens (Sailor Moon Supers)

    Three Lights/Sailor Star Lights

    new enemy (Sailor Stars)

    > Sailor Moon


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