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  • Asuka Jr.

    Asuka Daiki (Ļ絮) was a clever and active 14 year old second year junior high student at Saint Paulia Gakuin. Everyone called him Asuka Jr (ʣ). He was born on August 12. Asuka Jr's blood type was AB. He was 159 cm tall, and weighs 53 kg.

    Asuka Jr was the type that would act before thinking. But he was actually very smart. His favorite subjects were math and chemistry.

    Asuka Jr lived with his father, Detective Asuka, and he often cooked for his father.

    Asuka Jr wanted to catch Saint Tail, and discover the real identity of the mysterious thief. Because of his previous assistance to the police department, Asuka Jr received a medal that would allow him to go anywhere to investigate Saint Tail.

    In the anime, Asuka Jr's voice is done by Okano Kousuke ().

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