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  • Saint Tail PP cards set 1

    The Saint Tail PP cards set 1 contains 42 cards. (numbered 1 to 42)

    There are 36 normal cards and 6 prism cards.

    The PP cards are sold in individual bags (20 yen each). They also sell packs of 30 bags.

    1 P Saint Tail floating with balloons
    2 P Meimi in her school uniform
    3 P Detective Asuka
    4 P SD Sister Seira
    5 P Saint Tail with her magic hat
    6 P Asuka Jr.
    7 P Sister Seira and Saint Tail praying
    8 P Saint Tail at a window ledge
    9 P Meimi wearing pink sweater, short blue skirt
    10 P Asuka Jr. and Meimi arguing
    11 P SD Saint Tail
    12 P Asuka Jr. and Saint Tail
    13 P Saint Tail and Meimi
    14 P SD Asuka Jr.
    15 P Saint Tail with cards coming out of her hat
    16 P Meimi's classmates: Ryoko, Kyoko, Sachiko
    17 P Asuka Jr. with a camera
    18 P Saint Tail with her stick
    19 P Sister Seira
    20 P Meimi, Seira, Kyoko, Ryoko
    21 P Saint Tail
    22 P Meimi
    23 P Saint Tail crashing into Asuka Jr.
    24 P Saint Tail
    25 P Meimi holding Ruby, Seira, Asuka Jr.
    26 P Asuka Jr.
    27 P Saint Tail
    28 P Saint Tail, Asuka Jr., Sister Seira
    29 L Meimi
    30 L Meimi's father, Meimi
    31 L Asuka Jr in the classroom
    32 L Saint Tail running off with painting
    33 L Meimi and Asuka Jr.
    34 L Meimi being hugged by her mother
    35 L Sister Seira and Meimi
    36 L Asuka Jr.
    37 PZ Saint Tail and Ruby
    38 PZ Saint Tail
    39 PZ Sister Seira and Saint Tail
    40 PZ Saint Tail
    41 PZ Meimi and Asuka Jr.
    42 PZ Saint Tail and Asuka Jr.

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