Yuugen Kaisha

Yuugen Kaisha (ͩ) is an OAV series (4 OAVs) that takes place in modern day Tokyo. It is a high sense and strange ghost buster story of an adult woman and a refined middle aged man.


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General Information

In modern day Tokyo, a detective firm which specialized in supernatural cases. This is Yuugen Kaisha. When there is a request for investigation, the young female president, Kisaragi Ayaka, calls together a staff of people who have special powers and they go off to solve the case. The heroine of this story Ayaka, with one glance, has a nice body. But she has low blood pressure, drinks a lot, and has a slightly different attitude towards money.

The middle aged man, inspector Karino, who will become her partner, works for the special investigation section of the Japan police department. Usually called section U of the police department, this section specialized in bizzare phenomenon and worked with Ayaka, but didn't trust her abilities that much.

The employees of Yuugen Kaisha are mostly ones with problems anyway. The only decent one is the 11 year old Mamoru, who had been sent by the Kisaragi family to help out. The other ones were all weird ones. Are they going to be able to solve it?!

It has suspense and action. The ghost busting is humorous, sometimes romantic. Ayaka's summer will become exciting!

Background Information

Even with the new technology, the long established customs won't go out of fashion. The citizens of the dark world lived in a different dimension as humans, with different values. They were the evil spirits, monsters..

They had not interfered in the world of the humans. But with the increase of people and things, also with the advances in science which have started to reach into the domain of god, these creatures had no where left to go. So they had to go to the human world. This caused the strange occurrences and bizzare phenomenons.

So the ones who caused these strange things were not human. If they live in a world that is different, trouble will occur. To solve the trouble there needs to be pros of that field, and it is obvious that they will go into business. This is the law of supply and demand in society.

So the exorcist professionals (the ones who understand these bizzare phenomenons) were born, and a company was built by the ones who had these special powers.

Although they are the ones for justice, they had to eat to survive, and of course they will get recompensated for their work. This is Yuugen Kaisha.